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Client Support Contact Information

The Advantage Support Center is staffed during normal coverage hours (8:00am - 6:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). In addition, after hours support is available outside normal coverage hours as described below.

Normal Coverage Hours Support

During normal coverage hours, support issues may be reported to the Support Center by utilizing any of the following three methods:

You may reach the Advantage Support Center at (734) 327-2340.

Support issues may be logged at the AdvantageCS website: Use the Open New Service Request link on the "Support Login" page to initiate a request. (Note: The maximum size of an attachment is 4MB.)

Send email to The support inbox is monitored by Support Center staff during normal coverage hours. An analyst will log a request (CSL) and contact you. For tasks requiring immediate attention, include the word "URGENT" in the subject line. For tasks needed by a specific date include the phrase "NEED BY" followed by the date.

After-Hours Support

For after-hours support call the Support Center hotline at (734) 327-3600. Follow the instructions on the recorded greeting to either leave an emergency support message or a next day support message. Emergency support messages are routed immediately to the on-call analyst. In addition, when possible, send email to The email will be sent directly to the on-call analyst. Please leave a call back number for the on-call analyst to contact you.

Note: When calling the main hotline number (743-327-3600), the phone switch is set up to automatically retry the on-call analyst’s cell phone several times to ensure calls are not missed. When you also send email to our mail server automatically routes that mail to the on-call analyst’s cell phone.

Note: The after-hours greeting contains two additional backup numbers:

  1. The on-call cell phone (734) 730-4199.
  2. Backup cell phone number (734) 516-2554.

If you do not receive a call back within 30 minutes, dial the on-call number first, then the backup cell if necessary.

To escalate a reported issue contact:
Scott Ghormley, Support Center Manager (734) 327-3643
Bryan Varblow, Vice President, Client Services (734) 302-5401

Incoming Requests

A Support Center analyst will log every new inquiry in the AdvantageCS Client Support Log (CSL) system, assign a tracking number (CSL number), and identify a target delivery date and urgency level.

Target Delivery Date
Target Delivery Date: the date by which AdvantageCS will answer the question or deliver the fix or modification into your test area.
Key Urgency Levels:

1 - Catastrophic failure (unable to start Advantage or run major processes)
2 - Must have by Target Delivery Date - in critical path for other processing
3 - Would like to have by Target Delivery Date

Receipt Confirmation
The Support Center analyst handling the new inquiry will confirm receipt of your request for support by sending you an email message summarizing the problem and the plan for addressing it. This email will also indicate whether this work is covered under the terms of your maintenance agreement or whether it will be done on a time and materials basis.  If you sent your support request via email or the web page, you will receive a system generated notification when your request is received by the support in-box. Then the analyst who will be handing the issue will email you directly.

Status Checking
To check the status of a reported issue, log onto the AdvantageCS website and view your Advantage open items list or contact the Support Center via phone or email. The website contains an up-to-the-minute list of all open items and their current status. In addition, you can send email directly to the analyst responsible for tracking the issue. Also, any available Support Center analyst can respond to your status request since all the information is shared online in an easy-to-retrieve format.

If your organization has not yet been set up to access the website, please contact the Support Center.

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